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Radio Stations

You can listen to Friendship with God on any of these radio stations with the TuneIn Radio app that is available for iPhones and smart phones. Download the app and listen during any of theses local air times across the country. You can download these messages also for free on by searching for the Friendship with God podcast.

Radio Stations airing Monday - Friday


San Francisco, CA 1640 AM KDIA 4:30PM

Las Vegas, NV 1060 AM KKVV 5:00AM

San Diego, CA 1210 AM KPRZ  4:30PM, 9PM, 3:30AM

San Diego, CA 1240 AM KNSN 5PM

Los Angeles, CA 740 AM KBRT 5PM

Montreal, Quebec 760 AM WCHP 11:30AM  

Detroit, MI 560 AM WRDT 5PM

Palm City, FL 89.9 FM  WCNO 10:30AM

Pittsburg, PA 1080 AM / 103.9 FM WWNL 7AM

Cincinnati, OH 1160 AM WCVX 12PM

Manchester, NH / Nashua, NH / Northern, MA 1320 AM / 92.1 FM WDER 10PM

Norfolk, VA 1010 AM WPMH 12AM,  4:30AM

Portland / Augusta, ME 105.9 FM WBCI 11:30PM

Hartford, CT 1550 AM WSDK 10:30PM

Minneapolis, MN 1030 AM WCTS 8AM, 6PM

Providence, RI / Fall River, MA 1590 AM WARV 10PM

Palm Springs, CA 91.7 FM KHCS 4:30PM, 9:30PM

Radio Stations airing Saturday and/or Sunday

San Diego, CA 1210 AM KPRZ  Saturday 2:30PM / Sunday 3:30PM

New Port, VA 90.7 FM WOTJ (38 stations) Saturday 6PM